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These are banners from great websites!


help banner

TOOL SITE...links to other help and tool sites plus some interesting web tools to try.

recipe banner

RECIPE, recipes and more recipes........

crochet banner

CROCHET SITE...links to other sites and free pattern sites plus Mrs.Afghan's own patterns to try.

Gone Fishng Card

FISHIN' GIF gifs and orginal webpage sets designed for the fishing web sites, plus links to other fishing sites

Goldie May Banner

CHRISTMAS GIFS gifs, snowglobes, audioscopes and links to other christmas sites

Get Zoned!
Wtv-Zone Banner

Please HELP find the children,

Foundation for the Research of Missing Childen, using the Internet

. Please, at least click on the applet banner and decide for yourself. For Webtvers that can't view the applet banner....what is being displayed is missing children's pictures from all over the world.

Help FREDI to find children : put this banner on your website.